New UV Sensor Testing

The Roitner Technik GUVA-S12D is too expensive for a product hoping to cost less than $10 each. So I am looking for more cost effective alternative.

Here’s the test rig, consisting of a GUVA-S12D, a VEML6070, and an unspecified LED acting as a light sensor. The ADC reading seems to track the UVI produced by the GUVA-S12D quite well up to UVI 5. From there up to 6.5 (the highest I have measured outdoors) it is a bit lower.

My LED under test shows good visible light blindness. It responds quite strongly to a 365nm UV LED (as does the VEML6050). This might be due to the spectral distribition of the LED. I’ll be looking around for a local lab to quanitfy the response of all three under controlled conditions.