UVI Meter Project

I’ve been working on a simple solution for ultra-violet exposure awareness and mindfulness. Previous solutions offered dose monitoring https://hackaday.io/project/5684-sunburn-monitor, but the main problem here is the difficulty in keeping it oriented so as to achieve proper incidence – hard to to in a wearable. Also, the reality is if you just put on sunblock or wear protective clothing, you don’t have to worry about it.

So the main problem is mindfulness; if you get people thinking about UV exposure maybe they will do a better job of taking action. The latest device takes this into account. All it does is measure the current UVI. It’s cheap, pockeable, and has room for instructions and medical provider/sponsor info.

Here’s a photo of the prototype:



Prototype production is underway with a goal of 20 boards. Sounds pretty small, and it is, but I’m hand-applying solder paste to pads and acting as my own pick-and-place machine. It takes time to populate a board! Later runs will either offshore the whole board or at least panelize and use a solder paste stencil.